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Olde Lyrical Records is a new brick and mortar record store. The
Shoppe is located in Galeway, Ireland and specializes in classical, renaissance, new age, and Celtic music. Although our genre of music is not what all customers are looking for, we have a loyal patronage of customers who come to the Shoppe to experience the otherworldly feel and browse the gift store of our Celtic Shoppe.
Business partners have begun discussing their options for the types of information systems to purchase and implement into their new business. While the Shoppe may feel far removed from technology, it is still quite a modern day functioning store.

Dear :
We have been friends for a long time, and together have learned both academically and experiences only life can teach us. I am excited to begin this journey with you. Operating a business together has been a dream of ours since we first met. We have a strong working partnership, as your strengths are my weaknesses, and vise versa. As your business partner and friend I have put together a proposal of the informational systems that will be beneficial for us as we begin our adventure of opening Olde Lyrical Records.
Research the various information systems. Decide on which type of information systems would be best for our company to start up with and choose specific systems to purchase. Learn how each new system works and what part of the business the system is used for. Implement new systems into everyday communications and workflow.
Information Systems
Database Management System (DBMS)
1. A program or programs that give business owners tools to add, delete, access and analyze data.
A. Microsoft Access
1. Separate applications for categories, customers, inventory, orders, products, shippers, and suppliers.
2. Upload any table from Microsoft Excel, SQL server, text, and SharePoint.
B. File Maker Pro
1. Create custom databases
2. Securely publish data to the web
3. Produce reports
C. Apache OpenOffice
1. Easy on the budget. Program is free.
2. One interface for entire program, verses a separate program for each function.
3. Does not work within other programs needed.
Relational Database Model
2. Two-Dimensional table
3. Contains multiple related tables
1. Tables have rows of records and columns of attributes.
4. Contains numerous tables and can be a slow way to search for data

A. Structured Query Language (SQL)
a. Performs searches with simple statements
a.i. Select (specify a desired attribute in search)
a.i.1. Search Rock and Roll records
a.ii. From (Which table