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Hello Mr. Sky, My name is Alex Torres and I am Regional Project Manager here at FORYOURHEALTH. Let me assure you that starting a clinic from scratch is a large undertaking financially. There are many factors that will ultimately play into a new clinics success. First make sure your location is reasonably easy to locate; any large strip mall or free standing structure around 3,000 to 5,000 square feet will serve all your needs. Second purchase all required equipment which will sum up somewhere between 5.5 to 20 million dollars. The third and perhaps most important step is to find and hire your staff. This step is crucial to the function of your clinic and will determine your work capabilities and needs. We suggest almost double the number of nurses compared to the number of doctors. Our staff at the new Broadway and West Avenue clinic that you read about in the paper consists of: 5 full-time doctors with 1 part-time, eleven nurses, four secretaries, and two janitors. As for the full-time and part-time doctors you will probably need both to fill your hours of operation, although we recommend as many full-time doctors as possible because the patience seem to feel more comfortable with someone they recognize if they have made multiple visits. Once you have completed these steps do a very thorough analysis of how your facility will operate in order to design your clinic’s layout. Be sure to include a waiting room along with a front office and as many operating rooms as…