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There are many things that we want to remember, lots of moments that we want to capture. And photography is one of the ways to do it. All my life I was interested in cameras and process of photography. I remember that back in 90’s my family used to have old camera with film. Every time when we took pictures on it, I couldn’t wait what to see them. Some of photographs were really bad, light wasn’t set up right, white spots appeared. When others were really beautiful, with pretty warm lighting and right composition. I always was curious about how everything works.
When I was 11, we got digital camera. I was really excited to use it. Every time when I went to take a walk, I took the camera with me. I liked to take pictures of everything! Of every leave on the tree, of bugs in the grass, of the dog chasing a stick. My mom used to delete all of these photos because they didn’t have meaning and they were pretty bad. When I was 15, I understood that photography it’s not just a “click”, it is art that requires patience and work. Later on, I forgot about camera. I switched places, now I was the model. I had my first photo shoot when I was 16. I remember how I was standing in the cold, surrounded by snow and photograph was running around me, trying to capture a successful moment. I was surprised about her hard work. Next I had photo session in the studio. There were 5 photographers. Each of them was choosing right angle, changing camera’s lenses every 10 minutes, turning on and turning off the lights. After every photo-shoot I was struck by how photos are different. It seemed to be that each picture has a mood. And every photographer has his own view. I had many photo-shoots and each one was teaching me something new about photography. How to place your subject right, which way turn it. I tried to remember everything, believing that I would need it.
Last year I was thinking about what topic I should choose for my culminating project and I thought about my future career. But then I realized that I want to do something interesting and productive. I wanted project which will be fun to do during the semester. I came up with an idea about art project. I called it “Faces in the Crowd”. The main idea of this project is