Essay on Proposal For Designing And Developing An Integrated IS Strategy For WPTV

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Proposal For Designing and Developing an Integrated IS strategy for WPTV.

1. A summary of the current business processes.

WPTV is a #1 rated TV station in West Palm Beach. It is dedicated to providing the most complete and current news coverage to it’s viewers through excellence in journalism. WPTV is actively involved in community service projects. (1) In 2007, WPTV was the 1st TV station to broadcast news in HD(high definition) making WPTV a leader in innovative technology. WPTV needs to increase viewers and viewer participation through the implementation of wireless applications and an interactive TV broadcasting. It has formed an interactive media development group to help aide in the incorporation and integration of an
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Media Convergence Group- Newsy- a digital video news provider. A video news service that analyzes the world’s news coverage. Researches blogs, newspapers, magazines and television and internet.
Topic Pulse- social media monitoring system which is a real time monitoring system for newsrooms and content producers. it scans social media to track trending topics in a local market. (5)
Web Servers- Apache, Microsoft IIS
Database MAnagement System- ( Oracle or Microsoft SQL)
Application servers- J2EE, Microsoft Active Server page
B2C application for e- commerce which will provide an interface from WPTV to it’s audience. Using the advertising and revenue models. The website will generate revenue by attracting a large audience of visitors who will be exposed to advertisements 24/7. This 24//7 access will increase online ad revenue and local tv revenue. Will utilize pay pal or google wallets for payments for contributions and purchasing merchandise.
Customer Relation Management software for e commerce site and internet site.

5. What resources(personnel, equipment) will be needed to implement the strategy?

Training of all staff to properly use the new system of T.V. broadcasting.
Hiring an I.T. experts to install, implement the design, maintain, and upgrade as needed. Manage, facilitae and provide content and technical assistance.
Trained internal information specialists to monitor the website, update as the news