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The American Cosmetic Surgery Company (ACSC) is a cosmetic company that has been specializing in tattoo removal for over 10 years. ACSC uses a special non-invasive Q-switched laser to remove only the pigment of the tattoo without leaving scaring.
Depending on how deep and concentrated the ink is in the tattoo laser tattoo removal can tak from 2 to 6 sessions, six weeks apart.
In the United States, about 17% of people with tattoos experience some regret from getting tattooed.
19% of British people with tattoos suffered regret, as did 11% of Italian people with tattoos.
ATCSC is looking to expand the company to Europe. Which country will be most profitable to expand to?
Where in Europe would be the most appropriate to open a tattoo removal company?
What people want their tattoos removed? * Gang related tattoos * Usually middle aged people want the tattoos they got when they were in their late teens and early twenties removed because they don’t feel the same way about them * Stretching of the skin causing tattoos to warp (pregnancies) * People that have problems with finding clothes to cover their tattoos, and/or have suffered embarrassment and/or have found it difficult to be employed
How long does the process of laser tattoo removal take? * 2 to 6 sessions, six week apart
Where is the most profitable area to open a tattoo removal company in Europe? * Wherever tattooing is