Essay on Proposal: House and Sports Bar Nightclub

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Revival BHP Organization
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November 3, 2011

Jayflock Square Committee
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Armingdale, CT 16932

I am writing to propose a solution to a problem in my community. My problem is that the Petersburg, VA community has lost its livelihood and has grown to be lackluster. I recommend renovating an apartment building available for several different facilities amongst the different floors which operate to replenish the community. Given a grant of $500,000 and a four story building, I am confident in the success of a future investment. To set aside this new project from any other, I plan to incorporate new facilities on each floor. I plan to make the first floor available for apartment rental and real estate. I would like the second floor to be a free clinic, the third floor a department store and the fourth a sports bar nightclub and grill.
Using the first floor of the building for more affordable housing will help relieve some stress of local residents. Growing numbers of homes are getting boarded up and abandoned due to failure of upkeep. It is evident; the price to maintain a home in this economic state has become unbearable for a significant portion of individuals within the community. Rentable Apartments will serve an affordable alternative. It has also been brought to my attention that the countless rundown empty houses in the community are causing the Petersburg community to appear less safe. These houses need repair to create a safer more presentable community for residents. With the first floor of the building, there should be plenty of room to construct several apartments available for rent. One the first floor i plan to create a real estate business. This business will work to revamp rundown houses within the community for resale. Gradually, the community can repair itself overtime.
It has been brought to my attention that there aren’t any free clinics available in the Petersburg area. There are numerous citizens within the community who need medical help. There are several citizens that are not able to travel neither far, nor willing pay for the pricey visits. Therefore, compiling a revived medical center available to residents of the community will be very affective and convenient. In case any accidents or urgent situations that require medical help arise, residents have a more affordable accessible option. The construction of the free clinic on the second floor will also create job opportunities for citizens in the area. The free clinic will work on the side of the people and potentially set a trend for future advancements.
I am aware that Petersburg will need a significant amount of funds to repair itself. Therefore, it is essential to have a plan to do so. Building a department store on the third floor is can satisfy the opportunity to create a massive portion of this new revenue. Building a department store on the third floor would make things very easy and accessible to residents. Residents will not have to travel far to get the products that they may need. The department store will have a wide range of products such as furniture, clothing, and food. The department store will very well create more job opportunities within Petersburg community. This new facility will also attract citizens due to the level of innovation as well as potential investors. As result, not only will the funds