Proposal: Mass Media and Young Ladies Essay

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Group Name: DearDeer logo: Topic: fashion product
Preferred date of presentation: 20 Oct 2015
Idea brief: we pose as an Ad agency to help Priceline Pharmacy launch a new service
—“WonderBag”. In this service, we offer a customised bag, containing the latest sample cosmetic and skin care products. WonderBag will be delivered to the customers who have subscribed through the Priceline website. It is only $10 per month to subscribe this service, customers will not know what are in the bag until they receive the WonderBag.
The whole concept is to offer young ladies a surprising and exciting experience with the latest and most popular products. It offers an opportunity to young ladies seeking for the most suitable products, and encourage ladies to find their most beautiful side. At the meanwhile, each order customers made will help us to donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation(NBCF). We hope to raise awareness of breast cancer among young Australian women.

Position statement: we are provide fun, surprise, beauty and take care of the society.

Target consumer:
Demographic: Female, age 18-25, live in urban area
Geographic: focus on QLD at the very beginning, then hopefully expend to whole Australia

Target Characteristics:
1. Young ladies who are passionate about fashion, loving making-up and enjoy to try different cosmetic and skin care product.
2. Beauty is very important to young ladies, they want to be pretty and willing to spend money on their face.
3. But, generally they are not rich, young ladies don’t have enough money or don't want to spend too much money on cosmetic products.
4. The young generation are adventurous, they like new things and willing to find and try different products. 5. The young generation are used to use social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.
They love to share with friends and follow the popular trends.
AD objectives:
1. Cover 80% of target audience in six months since the service has been launched
2. Reach 70% of recall after the service have been launched in 6 months among target audiences 3. Reach 30,000 subscribes in 6 months period.
4. Reach 50,000 likes on Facebook in 6 months period

5. Raise awareness of breast cancer among young Australian women.

Media selection:
Mass media: We are NOT going to use mass media, because it is too expensive.
Print media: A specific women fashion magazine will be selected as media vehicle, and we will advertise on fashion magazine
Outdoor: outdoor…