Request For Proposal For Microsoft Office Training

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Request for Proposal
Microsoft Office Training

July 8,20013
Dragon Skateboards
Richard Sines

Richard Sines
Personal Manager
Dragon Skateboards
July 08, 2013

Dragon Skateboards is a hometown skateboard, skateboard apparel and skate park company. The home office of Dragon Skateboards has been in Montana for about fifteen years now. We have recently hired a group of fifteen new office personal to our staff. With the new staff, we require them to have a elevated expertise in Microsoft Office programs. Our company creates and sells skateboards/parts, apparel, accessories and manufacture high end skate parks for the Western United States. The company would like to expand to every corner of the country. Therefore, our new Office Staff must have the knowledge to work with Microsoft Office programs.
Company Aspirations
As stated previously, Dragon Skateboards is looking to expand our current market. We have over three dozen skate parks and specialty shops in the Western United States state at the present time. We do plan on expanding to the surrounding states within the next six months. The staff we just hired on must be trained and pass a computer test before they are designated to projects. We hope your company can assist us in the training aspect for Microsoft Office programs because we use these programs for most of our projects.
Project Goals
Our Project goals is to have every new staff member, be fluent in all aspects of the fallowing programs and features:
Program: Microsoft Power Point (2013)
Start UI
Format panes
Slide Size tool
Insert Online Pictures
Animation Zombies
Color Picker

Program: Microsoft Visio (2013)
1-D and 2-D Shapes
Group Shapes
These are just to name a few of the features that we would like to put an emphasis on. Creativity is just a way of life throughout this company. We encourage our employees here at Dragon Skateboards to be creative and sound with their own product presentations. Their individuality style towards selling our product makes our staff feel like a major part of the company team.
Program: Microsoft Office Word (2013)
General Office Skills
Open and Edit PDF's
Saving to the Cloud
Program Basics
Linking Project Tasks
We feel that with the proper training that all of our new staff will be able to complete any sale pitch with Microsoft Word, Power Point and Vision.
Timeframe to Complete Training
We are looking for a company that can keep within our training period. We are looking at 10 business days. They will not complete any sales, or speak to any potential or current clients until this training is completed to our satisfactory. We believe 10 business days will give our staff the time they need to learn all the features Microsoft Office, but also have time to practice before the use of our forms and/or their presentations.
Project Budget