Proposal: Muscle and Power Lifter Essay

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Date: February 19th, 2014 To: Professor Olin Bjork ENG. 3302 University of Houston Downtown From: John Le
University of Houston Downtown Subject: Proposal INTRODUCTION

People work out to stay in shape and do a daily routine to keep that stature. However, some people change their minds once they see a professional bodybuilder or power lifter post something aboput a new supplement to build mass and muscle online to catch the viewer’s eyes to persuade them to pay for the product.

I propose to examine the change in people’s workouts after seeing a professional power lifter or bodybuilder lift weights to see if they will either quit their regular routine to spend money on products to pump up their game to the level of the professional lifters. Another is to start looking into ratings of products that get reviewed and see what the reviewers have to say about the products

Task 1: Research and compile products info, magazines, articles, and reviews from the products.
Task 2: Analyze the Info to see what key word the product maker’s use
Task 3: Search words in COCA
Task 4: How they use the words to influence the readers for the products.
Task 5: Final Report

Research Type Products Magazines Lifting articles Reviews

EXPERIENCE I am a professional collegiate power lifter at UHD. I’ve been lifting for six years since my freshman year of high school. I participated in the state…