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Global Warming in New York

The research I conducted for, the NYC Department of City Planning, has provided me with information about the possible effects of global warming on one of the largest and most productive cities in the world. Although not conclusive, global warming has been shown, to be causing a rise in our planet’s temperature. Even with preparation, Superstorm Sandy caused an unprecedented amount of damage to NYC’s infrastructure. Hurricane Sandy hit NYC on, October 29, 2012 and the results were devastating. The ‘city that never sleeps’, was shut down for 10 days. The NYC subway system is heart of the city. It transports millions of people each day and without that system up and running, the city is silent. The aftermath would have been much worse if not for the help of scientist, Klaus Jacob. He helped the MTA prepare for the damage that was anticipated, but the preparation fell short. According to NASA, the frequency and strength of tropical storms, such as hurricane Sandy will increase and this poses several threats to New York’s transportation system. Climate change will bring severe storms, flooding and heavy precipitation to costal areas. Without service millions of commuters will be stranded. The cost of these weather changes is devastating as well. According to, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, the cost of Hurricane Sandy to New York State, is approximately $32 billion, 19 billion of which, is for the reconstruction of the metropolitan area alone.
Please refer to the handout provided. FEMA has concluded that storms are not the only concern to New York City. As you can see, costal flooding is also a major concern. The impact of Hurricane Sandy was immense. Mayor Bloomburg reported there was 20,000 911 calls per hour. Some people were trapped in the city and all they could do was watch as the streets flooded with sewage. The Subway system damage is estimated at 5 billion and it is still under repair today one year later. The frightening reality is Hurricane Sandy was not even the worse case scenario. In an article by Katharine Jose about New York’s flood risk, she wrote, “Imagine a scenario in which a 100-year-storm flooded all parts of the system that are most susceptible-the tunnels that carry