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Pope Paul III-An Influential Pope

Pope Paul III was the 220th pope and he served from 1534-1549. He was born Alessandro Farnese on February 29, 1468. With a family of nobility and leaders since the 12th century, Alessandro was born to be in the papacy and in the hierarchy of the Church. The interesting thing about Pope Paul III is out of the 4 children he had, they all were illegitimate and also all took leadership positions or were appointed to the Church by Pope Paul III. Pope Paul III supported many new groups and religions and was popular because, he also supported the arts. Alessandro moved easily through the Church because of his relationship with Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia or Alexander VI. In the span of months, Alexander VI made Alessandro treasurer of the church and then, a cardinal deacon in 1493. Although a prelate, he did not become an ordained priest until 1519. With Alexander VI at the head of his campaign, Alessandro’s influence increased and he was sworn in as pope in 1534. Pope Paul was the first pope to be part of the Counter-Reformation to fight against the Protestant Reformation and the internal renewal. Pope Paul III also encouraged the foundation of new congregations including the Theatines, and the Barnabites. He also confirmed the Jesuit order with provided the papacy with one of its “principal instruments in promoting the Counter Reformation”. These new religions attacked the positions and beliefs of the Reformers. Pope Paul III and the other counter-reformers, battled against the Protestants and Martin Luther. Pope Paul III was very powerful during this period because he was unanimously elected. He became an efficient promoter of reform was a patron of the arts therefore, supporting the movement out of the Renaissance. Pope Paul III was also the pope when the Roman Inquisition was founded to combat heresy, or opinions against the Roman Church. This organization was sponsored by Pope Paul III and was one of the reasons he gained so much popularity in his term. Pope Paul III grew his popularity by trying to reconvert and baptize areas of the world that were previously Roman Catholic. A big part of Pope Paul III supporters, came from those in the arts. Pope Paul III worked very hard with many artists, architects and playwrights to increase arts education and exposure in the Church. The pope worked with famous people including Antonio de Sangallo the Younger, and even convinced Michelangelo to finish his painting “The Last Judgment”. The pope also increased the importance and subsidies of the Vatican Library. He also restored the University of Rome. Not only that, but he redecorated the inside of the Pauline Chapel and worked with an architect to design the new St. Peter’s Basilica. By doing these projects, the Church was able to have a pope that was well rounded in…