Proposal: Religion and Intercultural Relations Essay

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New Direction Inc.
New Direction Inc. to: CEO from: Tamica Lockwood subject: Intercultural Relations in the Office date: June 5, 2013 cc: Supervisor

This proposal is written for the purpose of addressing intercultural relationships within the company. These are some issues that I will be covering on intercultural relations. I will be providing a brief background on some of the intercultural and some of the benefits that we should implement. I will be presenting different types of culture and strategies and ideas to help employees better adjust.
The issues they have been brought to our attention are unisex bathrooms to adjust to each person’s needs, changing policies on our dress codes to suit religious beliefs, changing our benefits to accommodate same sex marriage/dependents, and accommodating prayer times for employees who observe religious practices.

Annotated Bibliography

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This article is about religion in the workplace, the role it plays and how companies implement new policies and procedures. It examines the view of employees concerning religious adjustments in the workplace. This helps with referencing on statistics and some of the new adjustments they use.
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