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Proposal Summary

Problem Statement/ purpose
The main problem of this proposal is that Puffin media Inc. has lost effectiveness of their marketing and the company feels as if they are missing out on a large part of their market. However, their competition with other business in the market have brought Puffin Media's growing revenues to a halt. The main purpose of this proposal is to change the traditional way of marketing for Puffin media Inc. to social media marketing.
The scope of the idea is not so long as it will be implemented for a short time span. The advertising office must have a guideline of the new marketing policy and begin with it. The time needed to devise the new marketing policy is two months in which they start bringing more followers to the social media accounts.
There is certain limitation of the policy that has been proposed in this report. First of all, it will help to reduce the amount of money paid from Puffin media Inc. for the traditional will cost the company less money to advertise In today’s developing social media channels.

There are different assumptions for the proposed marketing policy. First of all, implementation of this policy will leave the opportunity to solicit feedbacks from the audience. In addition to that, such policy will help the company to reach out the competitors quickly. Lastly, it will create a dramatic rise of the company`s revenues.
The following criteria have to be designed for implementation of policy;
1. A marketing campaign must be created utilizing these media channels and creating immediate engagement with the audience.
2. A