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Jenny Lee
A. Jackson-Brown
ENG 103.Section 94
February 6th, 2015

Proposal-Annotated Bib
There are many privileges in society today. Most think of racial types of privileges when the word privilege comes to mind. I am going to research something that might not always come to mind in todays modern era. Gender Privilege has has been a major topic in history but has seemed to dwindle off as time has gone by. I plan on researching the differences between gender privilege today and in history. I also plan on researching actual gender privileges between males and females in things like the workplace, home life, sports, the government and the judicial system, and in things like insurance. When contrasting these things males and females may have different types of privileges. As well as contrasting male and female privileges I will contrast the history of female and male privileges with todays society. Gender privilege has a wide variety of ways to go with it but i think that the most important way to talk about gender privilege is to talk about the ways in history that it has changed or stayed the same. Also talking about the differences between males and females and the disadvantages one would have when dealing with the government or home life. That way people are aware of these things and can begin to try and stop the separation of males and females.

Search Plan/Relevant Sources Finding sources for gender privilege was easy. I believe that it was so easy because the topic or “idea” of gender privilege has been around for many years. Gender Privilege has been around for a long time so that also means that the topic has been debated about many times. That being said finding a source on the internet was super easy. Practically typing just the word gender brought up many different sources. The sources that i plan on using for my paper are planning on sticking to the history of gender privilege I also plan on sticking to sources that explain the different types of gender privileges and how they are different between genders. This way writing my paper should be simple. Another source i plan on using is interviewing someone. Using someone as a source can give insight on how gender privilege affects them specifically.

Proposed Audience
I plan on writing this paper not focusing on just one gender but i plan on writing it in a way that can relate to both genders. Writing my paper this way will broaden the audience. I also plan on writing this directed toward middle age people as well as a younger crowd who should be entering the workplace soon. I chose these people because I believe that they are the ones who need to be informed. I believe that they are the ones being affected by gender privilege the most.

Major Points The major points that i plan on touching in my paper are the fact that gender privilege is still a thing and did not disappear when women's suffrage ended. Another major point i plan on making in my paper is the fact that gender privilege actually exists. Some people a negligent to the idea of gender privilege. I would like the audience to walk away with the knowledge of gender privilege and i want them to realize that gender privilege is a thing.

Tentative Thesis In my essay I believe that i will argue that gender privilege does exist and it does affect people today. It happens in multiple cultures and is not just a onetime occurrence.

Key Challenges When researching my topic I think that there may be a few challenges. The first challenge that i think i will encounter is that i believe there will not be enough varied opinions. The articles written will stick to the same stuff that all other articles have touched on. I want to find varied opinions on gender privilege and lots of different examples. I also think that there may not be as many sources available about gender privilege in todays society. I think that when i research i may find out that the sources will stick to gender privilege in