Essay on Propose Ways in Which Lifelong Learning in Personal and Professional Contexts Could Be Encouraged

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Individual Learning Review Essay (40%)
You need to evaluate how successful you have been in achieving your learning objectives and why, and what you have learned. There are various areas of learning. The four major ones you need to be aware of are set out below: Knowledge: This involves learning about something/someone; it concerns an increase in the scope and depth of what you know in terms of both facts and concepts, and includes learning about yourself as well as the organisation. Skills This involves learning to do something, an increase in the
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2. Check that these individual objectives are in harmony with the group objectives. This clearly does not mean that they have to be the same as the group objectives, but that they should not contradict them.
3. Keep a learning log during the course of the module which you can do from week-to-week, recording your progress, or lack of it, with regards to achieving the objectives. Record the occasions when you develop your learning in relation to the objectives you have set.
Structure and content of essay
1. Your Individual Learning Essay must include a clear introduction/rationale confirming the purpose of this assigned piece of work and what is covered in it. You should organise the essay around the ASKE framework to demonstrate what you have learnt during the module with regards to your Attitude, Skills, Knowledge and Emotions. Do not merely submit your learning logs – these are just a record to help you write the essay.
2. Record your progress at the beginning of the module, during, and at the end, within each domain.
•Be honest.
•Make sure that you give situated examples – that is, examples of occasions when you progressed, or otherwise. Examples: during team meetings, in lectures, during meetings with client, when doing own individual tasks, when giving the presentation, etc.
•Be clear about the knowledge you have