Proposed Bill to Support Public Awareness of STDs in the U.S. Essay

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Currently Louisiana is higher than the national average for sexual transmitted diseases. In 2012, Louisiana had the highest rate for congenital syphilis, 2nd highest rate for gonorrhea, 3rd highest for primary and secondary syphilis, and 4th highest for chlamydia (LDHH, 2012). The United States has the highest rate of STDs in industrialized countries with roughly 20,000,000 new cases each year with the majority of the cases occurring between people age 15-24. STDs care totals on average 17,000,000,000 dollars per year.
Proposed bill
H.RES.192-Supporting the goals and ideas of National STD awareness month
To provide support to National STD awareness month as sexual transmitted diseases greatly impact health. Reflects the importance of preventing, treating, and diagnosing STD with urgency in public health.
Summary of bill-
Stresses the importance of STD awareness month and the effect of STDs. Calls on Americans to learn about STDs and the current prevention techniques (National Library of Congress, 2014). Recommends that all sexual active individuals get tested for STDs. Mainly, the bill encourages government and non-profit organizations to observe STD awareness month with activities and programs aimed at increasing the public awareness of STDs.
Elected Official I would contact Steve Scalise. He is the current 1st Congressional District representative for St. Tammany Parish. With a strong root in family values, I believe his beliefs would complement STD awareness.
To make this bill law, the importance of STD education would have to be conveyed. Statistical data representing the need for STD education would need to be gathered and presented with cost-effective strategies aligned.