Essay on Proposition 30: a Fragment of Relief for the Educational System

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Proposition 30: A Fragment of Relief for
The Educational System
Education is a very important component of our society that will help shape the future leaders of our nation and should be treated as a primary concern for all. But it is without a doubt that our educational system has taken a huge blow of ongoing tribulations that have noticeably affected our K-12 schools, community colleges, UC and CSU public schools in the past years. The public education system has been facing many budget cuts that have directly caused distress for students, families and school staff. Therefore, I believe that a policy like proposition 30, that recently passed, can be a huge boost of revenue to get our public school system back on track and on a positive direction for the future. There has been a tremendous amount of financial support that has been cut from public schools that has caused immense need in every aspect surrounding education. For example, we have seen more crowded classroom, which means that students have a greater chance of falling behind. According to the National Center for Education Statistics report called “Condition of Education 2017” states, “both the number of children in schools and the number of teachers have increased during the last 30 years, but the pupil-teacher ratio has decreased” (Bond and Sterrett, 2012). It is without a doubt that today we see more and more crowded classrooms where students can easily fall behind. Smaller classes will only benefits all students because of individual attention received from the teachers.
Since I have worked for many school districts in the San Gabriel Valley area, I have heard the ongoing talk of teachers and other school staff being laid off or taking some kind of cut because of the low funding schools have been experiencing. Scholar Ron Schachter elaborates on some of the jobs that have been lost:
In California, layoffs have narrowed the administrative corridor considerably. Over the past three years, almost 3,000 administrative positions have vanished— an almost 17 percent reduction, notes…