Pros And Cons Of American Colonization

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Colonization is an important component in history, but we don’t really discuss the true negatives and positives of it. Colonization was for Gold, Glory, and God. Throughout the period of colonization, there were many prices paid for it. Not only were their prices to be paid, but there were people who benefitted from colonization. Some people didn’t though. Discussing the prices and benefits associated with colonization is not always pretty. It had its fair share of ups and downs. Firstly, there were a few different groups that began exploring new areas, beginning with Columbus. Columbus is related with discovering America in a “jolly” way. Regardless of what is thought, it is far from the truth. Columbus along with many other explorers were ruthless and harsh when arriving to new lands. A while after the discoveries of new land, Europe sent people to colonize. Colonization was not only …show more content…
They had many different views, such as different opinions on religion and land. Many people came through the new land to begin trade. For example, when the French came, they set up trade and were peaceful with the Native Americans. When the Europeans came, they slaughtered and took over the Native Americans. Then came the French Indian War. (Part of the Seven Years’ War). The Indians sided with the French because the French were peaceful when they arrived. But, the French lost. Alas, leading to the end of the war. Soon after though, slavery began to sprout in the New World. Furthermore, the “price” that was discussed earlier is concluded to be war and death. This price was paid by many, but particularly the Native Americans and slaves. The Columbian Exchange is also an important interaction in history. The Columbian Exchange was when new plants, animals, and food reached new places. The Columbian Exchange was a beneficial thing, because it created more crops and arguably less slave labor due to new