Pros And Cons Of Andrew Jackson An Autocrat

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In the debate on whether Andrew Jackson was a democrat or autocrat, I came to a conclusion. From researching the Spoils System to the removal of Indians, the opinion I formed is that Andrew Jackson was an autocrat from the very beginning of his presidency to the last seconds. I will describe the Spoil System, American Indians being removed, and the National Bank Controversy to support this thinking of mine. First I will explain the uniqueness of the election between Adams and Jackson. The election of 1828 was in chaos. It was the first American election in which the people were completely divided between John Quincy Adams (Republican) and Andrew Jackson (Democrat). Jacksonians believed that Jackson was a “common man” and spoke for people in lower classes. Jackson supporters also believed that Adams will buy his way into the …show more content…
In document three of the Spoils System, it states that Jackson has appointed a criminal into an economic position. Andrew appointed him in this position simply because this criminal was an early supporter of him. Many others at that time were angered because it was bias. I agree with them. In the end, the person appointed into that position stole $1,222,705.09. It clearly shows that Jackson will not listen to the community and will listen to only his thoughts (like an autocrat).
Third, the action of Andrew Jackson removing American Indians from the states will be used as evidence. In document three of Indian removal, Jackson states that he wants American Indians removed because he simply doesn’t want them. As you can see, this shows that he is bias and is using his power to make only himself content. In goes further in document four because in his letters to his wife, he explains to her that he wants to keep a young American Indian because he pities him. It further supports that he is bias and is using his power to make only himself content (like an