Pros And Cons Of Asylum Seekers

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Nauru, is it a tropical paradise or an island hellhole? There is no denying or hiding the cruel and inhumane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees trying to reach Australia by boat. But why is this a continuing issue and why has it not been solved?

Asylum seeker policies have been a consistent issue that has polarized public opinion. It has divided politicians and left governments around the world struggling to find solutions to deal with the plight of asylum seekers.

The issue is that the Australian Government is failing to meet obligations under numerous international treaties to guarantee that their human rights are protected and not taken away. These treaties include the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
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In April, the detention center on Manus Island funded by Australia has been ruled illegal by the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea.

In contrast to today, Australia welcomed asylum seekers and weren’t so reluctant to them. A statement from the immigration minister Michael MacKellar, in 1976:

“As a matter of humanity, and in accord with international obligations freely entered into, Australia has accepted a responsibility to contribute towards the solution of world refugee problems.”

The Australian government must change the focus or directions of its policies to comply with the rules of the International Law. Australia needs policies based on respect for human worth, human rights and the idea that every person regardless of race or religion should be able to live without fear. It’s time for the Australian government to commit to a humane program for resettlement in appropriate countries if not, then asylum seekers should be resettled in Australia. Australia is a large country Australia has an obligation and a duty and the government needs to stop putting their responsibilities onto other