Pros And Cons Of Cultural Relativism

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The False Notion of Cultural Relativism

Cultural relativism is a false notion because; some actions like certain crimes are not comparable such as one culture equating a rape victim to a murderer and also because as a society we do agree that some actions should not be permeated no matter what one cultures believe. In a sense, cultural relativism is the belief that one culture determines right actions instead of society as a whole (Vaughn, 2016). It should be known though that is not excusable to judge a culture critically as a whole but only the parts of it that are not in touch with society views. Although the argument can be made to support the view that culture relativism is a true notion but ultimately, they are fallible and in turn cultural relativism is a false notion. The first reason, why cultural relativism is because some cultures have determined that being a
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There are some who do argue for it and they bring up the argument that we should never judge a culture critically no matter what they do based on their actions even if they do compare a victim to a criminal. Another argument for culture relativism is the fact that culture relativist will argue that are no universal beliefs on what actions are wrong. However, these argument for cultural relativism are once again wrong. If cultural relativism is accepted to be true then we would call social reformers like Martin Luther King, Jr who have fought for justice and moral process bad because they go against society (Vaughn, 2016). But to accept this view would be calling people like him bad and not morally right (Vaughn, 2016). Along the same lines culture relativists believe that there is no moral process even through though there have been, just like at where the world is now and where it came from (Vaughn, 2016). No matter the how strong the objection for culture relativism is, it will always be a false