Pros And Cons Of Dress Codes

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I believe that we should be able to wear what we want to school, or at least make the dress codes equal. I walk into the school on a hot day, already drenched in sweat from the humid morning air, and go to my first class. Everyone was sweating, and could barely bear the heat. I turn over and go towards my desk and begin to walk, the soft steps echoing in my head as the teacher says “go to the office and get a change of clothes.”
Since then, I have noticed more and more, where it is almost like discrimination against us girls, it’s our bodies and we should be able to choose what we wear. We are in high school now, and these are the years we need to sort out who we are, but if we are dress coded for what we wear, they are practically saying that that outfit/style is unacceptable. When you walk through the halls you may see the goths, the popular kids, the geeks, and the sports players, and those groups are discriminated against because of society and the movies. Usually the geeks are getting picked on, and the popular girls, can “rule” the school, this brings in the topic of dress codes.
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What I didn’t expect, was how hard they were with the dress codes. The students began wearing shorts because of how nice it was out, and it was getting warmer and warmer out, so naturally the shorts began getting shorter. I decided that it would be a great day to wear my favorite summer shorts, and go to school. Class starts and i’m sitting next to one of the “popular” girls and she is wearing shorts that are even shorter than what I am wearing, and i am called out on how short my shorts are, and that they are shorter than fingertip length. I point out that the girl next to me was wearing even shorter shorts, but when the girl gets up, her fingers where just past her hips, so in all technicality of the dress code, she could be wearing nothing for her bottoms. So of course i’m sent down to the office because of the dress