Pros And Cons Of Driving Stick Shift

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Have you driven a stick shift? If you have then you know what I am talking about when I say that people should learn to drive the stick shift. Stick shift cars can save you money. Stick shift cars promote safer driving to all. Driving stick shift gives you a sense of accomplishment. You need to know how to drive the stick shift.
In a stick shift car, you can save money because it is more fuel economic. The MPG (Miles per gallon) is 2-5 gallons better than an automatic, and the M.P.G will save you 800 dollars to 1,200 dollars a year. It can save you about 15% of what an automatic can. If you hold the clutch going down hill it keeps the motor moving at the same speed. Replacing the transmission in a stick shift is cheaper (Automatic transmission is 3,000 stick 1,200-1,500) cheaper by half
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Learning how to drive stick shift gives the driver a sense of accomplishment. Getting a license by only driving an automatic is like learning how to ride a bike with training wheels but never checking the training wheels off. If you don't stall the car, know how to use the clutch, not grinding gears, understanding where the gears are, and when you overcome that problem it can give you a sense of accomplishment. Switching gears and starting the car is a challenge all on its own need to let off the gas then push down clutch the switchgear and let off clutch slowly than on the gas again. In an automatic car, the gear ratio is different and it has to rev up to a certain RPM to switch the gear.
Go Now and learn how to drive the stick shift before it’s too late. You need to be able to drive the stick shift. When you are driving a stick shift it will give you the sense of accomplishment. Stick shift can and will promote safer driving if you know how to drive them. If you own a stick shift it can save you money with MPG and fixing stuff that has broken. If you do not know how to drive a stick shift then you need to