Pros And Cons Of Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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According to The White House press document we had to drop the bomb to get Japan to realize that we could wipe them out very easily and rapidly. In the plans beginning stages we intended to completely obliterate Japan, and destroy their docks and all other things they could use to produce war. This plan was revised on July 26 that we would only drop one bomb to show our power, and to spare to Japanese from utter destruction. I president Truman's speech he is torn between dropping in the bomb and not dropping the bomb. He does not want to attempt to invade the islands and lose 750,000 United States troops. He stated that he could not bear the blame if he decided to send the American troops into a death trap. Everyone knew that the Japanese would fight harder when the fight was being held on their home soil. Truman begged and pleaded the for the Japanese to surrender but they would not budge, and insisted on war. This left Truman with only
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We knew that Russia was thinking about declaring war on Japan, but what if they decided not to, and Japan took the opportunity to strike first and hit one of major mainland cities. This would have led to us completely wiping Japan off the face of the earth by way of the atomic bomb. We also had created a successful sea blockade that could have forced them to surrender, but their is always the chance that they break through the blockade, and begin an invasion on U.S. soil. Which again leads to more than just one or two bombs being dropped on Japan. So I guess the question was is it really worth losing more American lives, or to just end the war with Japan with one quick and destructive blow. If you were to ask me this question I would not send many young American men into a death trap, but I would choose to drop the bomb, and bring an end to the