Pros And Cons Of Erp Vs Best Of Breed

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ERP and Best of Breed are the terms or solutions that are associated with the industry related to retail which is in relation to supply chain and software used for promoting the sales of goods or merchandising software. Both have their pros and cons.

(a) ERP applications provide a solution that is obtained from a single supplier.ERP software system provides a number of applications in one integrated system like CRM, Accounting, Warehouse, HR and Marketing etc. all of them can be accessed from single data source whereas Best of Breed is a number of highly end applications or specialized applications which are provided by some skilled suppliers. Best of Breed Applications are usually used by the companies which are starting up because as they are limited with the people and the strategies they employ. Best of Breed are used to addresses
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Moreover, once the ERP application is set up, the expense of exchanging suppliers would be high for the retailer this leads to increase in supplier power in connection to maintenance and upgrade charges. moreover ERP are designed in such a way that they are applicable to different business areas, which makes them hard to modify or customize in order to meet particular industry needs. Devoting the time and energy to re-building these business procedures may damage or harm the aggressiveness inside the business marketplace. And when it comes to the disadvantages of Best of Breed, the main hurdle that the organization may experience is that incorporating or integrating different applications. This is required to guarantee that the variety of deployed software provides a consistent solution in connection to addressing end-to-end business processes. If the incorporation or integration does not happen, then it will lead to dissatisfaction for users and in worst case scenario, the business is at risk. It usually costs less when compared to ERP