Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

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Nowadays, the death rate of human is shrinking because modern medical profession is very advance. Doctor can fine the way to completely curepatient from injury or diseases but there aremany diseases that do not go away. Many patient may die or suffering with that disease for all of their life. Moreover, relatives of patient have to pay a lot of money for an extension of patient. Therefore,medical profession brings “Euthanasia”to be the choice for patients to end their suffering life and decrease expenses of curing.Euthanasia or Mercy killing is the death that the doctor gives for patient who is very sick or deadly disease.Euthanasia has to be willing from patient, their family and law. Nevertheless, euthanasia is harshly criticized that we really need Euthanasia because it is immoral and illegal conduct. Although euthanasia helps people from deathly ill,I believe that euthanasia is not the best way for running away from a suffering life.
Religions have lived with human for a long time. Religions are the ultimate ground of all reality. There are a lot of doctrines that try to teach human
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That makes Euthanasia is drifting to be widespread throughout the world becausesome people think that euthanasia is the best way to make them free from their suffering life. But it is not real in my opinion because euthanasia likes ruthless murder that is immoral in many religions and illegal conduct in a lot of country such as Thailand Great Britain and Germany. Because Euthanasia has a lot of gap that possible to bring it to do the wrong way.So, I believe that life is valuable life that it should follow its way. People should not interfere the way of life by cutting our life. Even if you have to face with the thing that you cannot win, you still have to fight for yourself and your family and never give up with your fate. I trust that there is always light after the