Pros And Cons Of Fantasy Football

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Imagine This: You’re back in highschool, and your the team captain for a kickball game. You’re going against another team captain, and it's time to pick your players. You pick the best people first obviously, but you never know if they’ll do good that game, or just okay. Well that's fantasy football, just a little more complicated. To the average person it may seem stupid, or a waste of time, but to the 57 million people who played it last year, it is a lot more.

People actually make a living off of this, take Jonathan Bales, who last year, made over $600,000 from fantasy football. Most people don’t end up like Jonathan Bales, or even close. According to draftkings, a fantasy football website, 70% of players who are on draft kings lose money, but that’s just the start of the dark side of fantasy football.
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Free to play is what the majority 57 million people play, low risk, you mostly just play it for fun, and don’t take it too serious. Play to win, on the other

hand, can serious become a problem, and even become an addiction

It's that "pay to win," which has caught the attention of an entire nation over the last few years, with a new style of fantasy sports known as Weekly Fantasy Sports. Even if you are living under a rock, chances are you have seen an ad for the companies in the fantasy sports industry, DraftKings & FanDuel.

But the odds are against you, 91% of the profits won were won by the top 1.3% of