Pros And Cons Of Fixed Line

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In this paper I will go over the pros and cons of having a purely fixed line network vs. a purely cellular network. When making this decision there are several things to consider, the most important is what this network is going to be used for. I am going to first go over the fixed line network then follow up with the cellular network. At the end of this paper I will do a recommendation to a new company that wants to open up a Skype- style service as to whether they should use a fixed line or a cellular network. Fixed line telephones was the main form of communication in 1877 and this was the case up to the time when cellular phone came into the world. Fixed lines are in every home and building today so everyone has the …show more content…
3G is still in use but there is now a fourth generation (4G) technology that will have 10 or more times the data rate as the 3G network. A cellular network system is broken into small geographical areas called cells; these cells are connected to mobile telephone switching office (MTSO). The connection from the cell to the MTSO is done over a telephone line (fixed line) or with some applications microwave is used. A cellular network has cell towers placed throughout the geographical area and the towers pick up the radio frequency of the cell phone, when the signal strength gets low the signal is passed to the next tower. These towers are placed throughout the entire world in order for a cellular network to work. The entire cellular network is built of many cell phone companies working together to keep the network running. Security on a cellular network depends on the security of all components that it takes to connect to the network due to the data (signals) travel through the air and not over a line. To secure the data is to use encryption when transmitting the data; this will only allow an authorized device to be able to read the data. Troubleshooting a cellular network is the responsibility of the subscriber and the cell company. Depending on what caused the issue as to who is responsible. If it is hardware issue this is normally subscriber issues due to you own the equipment. If an issue