Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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Marnus Linde
Grade 12 AE4
Curro Hazeldean High School

“Could CRISPR technology be the route that would allow us to start selecting our own superpowers?”

1.) What is genetic engineering?
Genetic engineering is the alteration to an organisms genes using biotechnology and biotechnology is the process in which technologies and products are made by harnessing cellular and biomolecular processes. By using genetic engineering you can form a genetically modified organism or more commonly known as a GMO which happens when the DNA of an organism has been changed that it has one or more genes from another organism. Genetic engineering can also lead to a transgenic organism which is when one organism has a particular gene inserted to its own from a different organism giving the organism specific characteristics from the other. Genetic engineering has everything to do with the changing of an organisms DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) by inserting and extracting certain genes to fulfil
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This includes taking into account the risk assessment and safety concerns to avoid ecological impairment or the possible use of the technique for genetic enhancement or even misuse. Therefore editing your genes to become an x-men with the ability to breathe underwater will also be considered unethical.
Ethical issues aside, if it was possible for you to have the ability to breathe under any circumstances you would not think twice before doing it and will not be able to refuse the opportunity because of the immense potential this ability carries. Having an ability such as this one could save lives due to not being able to drown and it could be beneficial for anyone interested in marine life and they would take the opportunity as soon as it is available therefore when it is possible to get this ability that it should be allowed for