Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration is the migration of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. Illegal immigration is a very big debatable issue. Like every other thing, illegal immigration has its pros and cons. When you decide that you are going to illegally immigrate, you have to keep in mind that you're taking a serious risk. This trip might fail or succeed, depending on your luck. When it fails, it often leads to death. The good things about illegal immigration are that it boosts the economy, provides a source of inexpensive labor, and assists economically depressed communities. One of the bad things about illegal immigration is that it leads to overpopulation. Horrible things could happen like crime committed by the illegal and crimes of human trafficking.

I, the victim in this whole situation, am not very pleased by what the authority is demanding us to do. They don’t know what we are going through. We have a reason for what we do. Killing loads of people to stop illegal immigration won't stop it nor scare anyone.
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With all this money, they could start a business. However, immigrants think that there is a bigger chance of successfully than the risks. People travel for many reasons like war, craving a better life, searching for new jobs, or even relatives in that country. In World War 1, for example, people from all around the world, especially the British and the Germans, immigrated to USA because it was neutral and it wasn’t taking part of the war. If someone decides to illegally immigrate, the government will not give then any health care, education, etc… if the protesters really want to be heard they should go "inside" their country and speak against the way their being treated there, not run away putting a burden on someone else so they can fight their battles, they can at least