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Robert Bale 12/18/13
College Writing I Essay #4

The Benefits of Immigration Reform

Throughout the lifespan of America there has been constant growth, from the pilgrim settlers all the way up to modern life, the U.S. has been drawing in peoples from all countries and races. For the last hundred or so years immigration has become increasingly difficult and for some people impossible. But what if these things that as a nation we have been trying to avoid, are in reality just helpful stepping stones to the betterment of a country? The truth is that the immigration laws that are in place are actually stunting the growth of America and are a possible solution major modern day issues. If immigration laws are just stopping the flow of growth and productivity then why haven’t they been revised yet? The reality is that many Americans don’t realize that reforming these laws will have a positive effect on the economy as it currently is, but first we need to address the reasons that immigration is looked down upon by many Americans already. The main reason for this is that immigrants are taking the jobs away from hard working Americans citizens. Factually that cannot be further from the truth, but for one minute let’s consider the statement objectively. People who currently come to this country in search of work usually cannot gain any higher end jobs, jobs that happen to be in low quantity and have high pay because of their lack of education and laws that are already in place. To be honest the only jobs that immigrants (illegal or otherwise) are taking are ones involving physical labor and/or have low pay. The sad reality is immigrants take the jobs the U.S. citizens don’t even want. Why does this seem to be a problem? Are we as a nation just too selfish to realize the truth? In any event chances are a citizen would be picked as more qualified for work over someone from another country who barely knows the native language. Overall immigration is not actually stealing jobs but rather taking the unwanted ones. An issue that comes up with immigration laws as they currently are is ethics. While migrants already have a hard time coming into the country they also have a sort of stigma attached to them. Immigrants are constantly being treated as second class citizens and the laws as they are now seem to fuel this fire. Isn’t one of the things America prides itself on the ability give equal rights to people of all races and ethnicities? Then why does it seem that it only applies to American citizens? Does the constitution say that you are any less human depending on what country you are from? Of course it doesn’t, but it seems that we have misconstrued our inalienable rights and decided that it would look best when applied to us and us alone. If someone has their rights violated as a resident of the United States it is looked upon as an atrocity but on the other hand the public turns a blind eye to the inhumane treatment of migrant workers and their families alike. Immigrants are people and it’s about time they get the same rights as everyone else. Instead of focusing entirely on why immigration laws are not practical instead