Pros And Cons Of Immigration

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Immigration is a hot topic in today’s society. It takes three forms. Legal immigrants from other countries apply for entry to this country, are carefully vetted and receive permission to immigrate. There are quotas and qualifications that are required for these immigrants to gain entry visas to the U.S. On the other hand, illegal immigrants sneak into the country, crossing the boarders or arriving in ship containers. Also, there are immigrants who are refugees seeking asylum. They often fear for their lives and come to America to live in safety and raise their families without fear. (need to transition here) They are reportedly carefully vetted, but many in society doubt the thoroughness of this vetting.
Legal immigration is considered the most secure path for immigrants to enter the U.S. Moreover, the U.S. provides them with Green Cards, Social Security numbers, Health Insurances, good education, etc. On the one hand, legal immigrants tend to have the highest advantages of rapidly adapting into the American society. These immigrants are ambitious, intelligent, and well-educated people who bring various expertise and unique talents to the U.S. They usually come here hoping for a better life with decent jobs, good healthcare, and different great opportunities, which give them the chance
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do not exist on paper. They have no Green Card, no Social Security number, and no form of any legal documentation accepted by law in the states. However, illegal immigrants can actually help our economy. They usually work for cheaper labor and are willing to accept the jobs that average Americans are not willing to work. Although illegal immigrants can help boost the economy as mentioned, many Americans believe that the IRS is not being able to collect taxes from illegal immigrants “since they do not exist on paper”, which makes it unfair to those who pay taxes and contribute to