Pros And Cons Of Interracial Families

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Purpose: The purpose of writing this research report is to better understand the trials and tribulations interracial couples and families face.
1. Love knows no boundaries
2. Pros & Cons
3. Experiences

Findings: 1. Love knows no boundaries
There are no boundaries when it comes to love; not race, religion, culture, gender, etc. The only reason these “boundaries” have ever existed is because society has helped create them. Allowing society to create these labels that segregate everyone is the reason the human race is having such a hard time moving forward. Interracial couples are one of the targets that have been created since society was able to put these labels on everyone. In fact, interracial marriage wasn’t even legal until 1967 in the
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At times, to these couples, it seems the cons outweigh the pros. However, that is not true. While there may be a substantial amount of cons, there are just as many if not more pros to interracial couples and families. The first pro to interracial relationships and marriage is that it allows the couple to share in personal growth. This “personal growth” means allowing the couple to “grow up” so to speak. Together, these couples can work on understanding and becoming more aware of the challenges their partner faces. It allows them to become open-minded and perhaps see things in a new light. Another pro is being able to dispel stereotypes that have been created about each partners ethnicity. When given the opportunity for them to take a moment to sit down to talk about conceptualized notions that have been made about them, these couples can find themselves happier to be more aware of things their partner has endured. Many people go into different situations with a preconceived idea of how they perceive that topic. The same could be said for interracial relationships. People go into the relationship thinking one way, and are often surprised to learn things that contradict what they previously thought while learning things they would've never thought about if they weren't in an interracial relationship and decided to take the time to better understand their partner or spouse. Now, one major “con” to interracial relationships is that couples from different ethnic backgrounds are a higher rate of facing outside pressure of their relationship, whether it be from strangers or close family and friends. Although strangers shouldn't play such an important role on who people in interracial relationships feel it's okay to date, socially or overall, these people do. It may be a simple stare or glare, but there are times when it may be an ignorant comment