Pros And Cons Of Keeping America A Melting Pot

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Keep America a Melting Pot
America prides itself on being the melting pot of the world . There have always been numerous languages spoken in the United States including English, Spanish, Mandarin, and many others . While English is the main language used within the government and many schools, making it the official language of America would result in long term damaging consequences. While it may be argued that making English the official language of the United States would allow for standardized communication, an official language should not be established. Doing so would violate the Constitution of the United States of America, promotes racism, would endanger non English speakers, damage early education in our schools .
Eric C Miller (2014) is assistant professor in communication studies at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, he
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This English-only movement has continued throughout history. A senator by the name of S I Hayakawa was the first to introduce English as the United States official language in 1981. He wanted English to be the official language of the United States, and wanted any state or federal statues requiring the use of other languages to be overturned. The amendment did not make it in congress, but appeared many more times throughout the decade. The English official amendment passed in the House in 1996, but not the senate. It then, passed in the Senate 10 years later, as part of an immigration reform bill, but failed to become law. Though it still has not passed as a law, the English-only movement remains active. In 2010, Tim James ran for governor of Alabama. His campaign promised that the State Driver’s Examinations would only be conducted in English to try to win votes. Thirty-one states have now adopted English as their official language (Miller,