Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

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Mandatory minimum sentencing has the most talked about lately in the criminal justice system. This sentencing has both positive and negative outlooks. Let’s start with the positive outlooks on how this sentencing is beneficial. Mandatory minimum sentencing address two of the world’s main acknowledged problem, sentencing disparity and unduly lenient sentences. Mandatory minimum sentencing guarantees that the sentencing fits the crime not the person. It is also said that, it prevents crime because of the effects after serving the sentence. Putting away offenders, protects the public and allows the offenders to get help and to evaluate their well-beings. Mandatory Minimum sentences help eliminate personal bias. It creates equality with the different genders that commit the same crime. With mandatory sentencing, you can guarantee that judgements will be steady throughout the justice system. With the help of mandatory minimum sentencing, crimes rates can lead to a decrease in our communities.