Pros And Cons Of Methadone

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Methadone The FDA first approved methadone in 1993 for individuals with opioid dependence (Perry, Alexander, Liskow, & DeVane, 2007). Methadone is a synthetic, long lasting opioid used for detox and treatment maintenance (Anderson & Kearney, 2000). Methadone is a u-receptor agonist that affects the release of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, norepinephrine, substance p, and dopamine (Anderson & Kearney, 2000). When individuals take methadone, they are preventing withdraw by blocking the effects and minimizing the cravings (Anderson & Kearney, 2000).
Methadone allows individuals to function in their everyday lives without having to feel the withdraw symptoms of opioids (Anderson & Kearney, 2000). There are several benefits of methadone treatment that allows individuals to live their lives to the fullest potential. Individuals are seen to retain longer treatment, lower drug use, decrease antisocial behavior, and increase social stability (Perry et al., 2007).
Controversy of Methadone
There are several controversies of methadone maintenance
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I can see why there is serious controversy around this drug, however I believe the benefits outweigh the limitations. If an individuals with substance abuse issues can take a medication that will allow them to live the life they desire, then why not? Methadone maintenance has been seen to decrease drug use and decrease crime rates, along with giving individuals the opportunity for employment (Leukefel & Tims, 1988). From personal experience when working on the co-occurring disorder unit in an inpatient mental health facility methadone can be an essential and effective part in the treatment process. I have seen patients begin methadone treatment and gradually taper off the medication to the point of sobriety. Methadone treatment has been life changing for these patients. As a future counselor, I will support methadone maintenance for any client who chooses to use this