Pros And Cons Of Police Body Cameras

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The article “Police Body Camera” (August, 2015) emphasizes the point that the use of body camera by police has several advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, supporters argue that body cameras will make law enforcement by police more transparent. For example, a released footage on the media showed that a police officer brutally shot an innocent African American man. Also, it will make the public trust police again and bring down police brutality. For example, President Obama declares that the use of body camera will reduce the incident of police brutality and reestablish trust among communities and police officers (Police Body Camera, 2015). Also, the statistic shows that the rate at which the white police officers shots an African American is high. On other hand, opponents argue that may erode privacy and also cost a lot of money. For instance, the police department in the Seattle uploaded a lot of video record in the You Tube channel that not protect the privacy of victims. Also, in the Los Angeles the police department spends every years approximately $7 million to maintain the body camera. Overall, the purpose of this article is to inform pros and cons over the use body camera by police. Are police body cameras appropriate? There is a great controversy as to whether police on duty should have body cameras. …show more content…
For instance, supporters argue that the video evidence is an only way to make the public have opportunity to view the uncover incidents which police use. “If the public doesn’t have the opportunity to view the video on their own, they are left with the police version of what happened.”(Williams, 2015.). Another example, supporters argue that body camera explores to the public how are the police do dangerous work that may make them realize it. “Recording can remind the public that cops do dangerous and heroic things.” (Dara,