Pros And Cons Of Political Parties

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Political Parties

A faction is a group of individuals such as a political party. They can form when they have some sort of political aim or purpose. But do these aims or purposes look for the security and well-being of its citizens? Factions are unavoidable and can have either a positive or negative outcome. James Madison, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson discuss their views on factions.

James Madison, the fourth president of the United States, states that a well-constructed union can break and control the violence of faction. He claims that the factions first instinct is to protect the rights of their citizens and/or the good of the community. He believed that there are two possible ways to cure the evil of these political parties. He believed one is to remove its causes and the other one is to control its effects. But if you want to permanently remove factions, one is to destroy liberty, which is essential to existence; the other, give every citizens the same opinions, interests and passions. He believed that it would be a foolish to abolish slavery, since the factions feed off of it. He also said that the second expedient was impractical, it can be convenient for them to
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He believed that the citizens needed to unite. He wanted to restore harmony, peace. “But every difference in opinion is not a difference of principle.” (jefferson 1) He also declared that an honest man can fear that a republic government cannot be strong enough, but would a true patriot abandon a government that gave him his freedom? A freedom that so many wish they could enjoy, instead of living with fear, that you cannot stand up for what you believe in. He believed that man should be able to pursue their own