Pros And Cons Of Puritan Punishment

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Puritan Punishments Today, capital murder is about the only offense punishable by murder. Other than that, the only other penalty to any crime really is a justified amount of time in prison. Our law enforces reasonable punishments for the crimes committed by our countries culprits. The puritans on the other hand had more, unorthodox ideas of punishment for small offenses such as “gossip” or “nagging”. The puritans’ methods for punishment should have been more thought out and not involve public embarrassment and most importantly, torture. Torture is the lowest means of punishment this world has ever seen. Some of the methods they used were demented and unnecessary. And some of the actions considered illegal were just plain wrong. The puritans’ laws and punishments were inexcusable. In the little towns the puritans lived in, police were very scarce, if there were any. That means, they had to appoint random patrons of the church to watch over the town night and day at times. That was a horrendous idea because these temporary police had no training what so ever. These people had to act on their own judgment, sometimes without witnesses. Without all the technology that we have today, there was no way to know if these temporary police were telling the truth. They might hold grudges on people or might not like their fellow puritans, so with the …show more content…
Torture is inhumane and barbaric used only by the worst people. The puritans had a punishment for everything such as; poorly produced beer or bread, missing church, gossip or nagging, long hair, duck hunting, swearing, and sleeping in church to name a few of the silly ones. Sentenced to death for murder or similar crimes is to be expected, but not for killing a fly. Some people may say that the puritans were only doing what is in the bible. For the most part, that is true, but nowhere does it say anything about