Pros And Cons Of Raising The Driving Age

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Caitlyn Watson
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Raise the Driving Age
The driving age should be raised to 18. According to Alexander Sostarecz’ article, Raise the driving age to 18 when teens are more responsible, “In the teenage life, everything is about freedom". In his article Sostarecz talks about how teens aren't completely mature at 16. However, many people think the driving age should stay the way it is, but there are some valid points that have been brought up for why the driving age should be raised. Some reasons why the driving age should be raised are that it will help keep teenagers from becoming obese and it will allow teenagers to learn more. There are also concerns about the driving age being raised, but those concerns can be smoothed out easily. Nevertheless, the driving age should be raised.
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Moreover, “1 in 3 Americans, for example, are overweight right now and the percentage keeps increasing,” says Crystal Lombardo in her article, Pros and Cons of Raising the Driving Age to 18. However, if teenagers aren’t allowed to drive until they are 18, then they will have to find other ways to get around and those ways will most likely help keep obesity out of the teenagers life. When teenagers have to find a way to get from one place to the other they will most likely not want to spend money, so they will walk or bike. These things will help keep obesity out of the lives of teenagers because they are physical activities. Also, if older teenagers who aren’t 18 yet are seen walking or biking then it will encourage other teenagers to do those things as well and that will help them not become obese. Finally, when teenagers walk or bike place to place then they will be less likely to become