Pros And Cons Of Solitary Confinement

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Death or complete solitude? A debate that has been going on for quite a while if capital punishment is far worse than solitary confinement. Solitary confinement is being confined to a small room for 23 hours a day and capital punishment is a fancy way of dieing with the government approval. Which of these would be worse? Both have been around for centuries and both of these punishments have their cons and pros. These two punishment have been given to many criminals and have been showed true consequence to the crime world changing the way we call justice. First as stated before Solitary confinement had been around for centuries and is an punishment for those who have committed devastating crimes and other things. First in Solitary confinement a prisoner is normally isolated in a small room the …show more content…
But as stated before both of these punishments have been going on for centuries and both are quite inhumane. In solitary confinement instead of taking the human right to live, they are confined into a place that is quite the miniature size for a prison room for 23 hours a day where they can’t hurt any other prisoner or bystander and are forced to carry out their sentence without having to kill. But it was also learn that in solitary confinement the criminal is attacked mental causing permanent damage to brain affecting what life they can have. It was also showed that in capital punishment the problems is “officially rid of” and is where the criminals will no longer be able to hurt anyone. But taking a life is still taking a life and shows in the eyes of many that it is just murder with the government's approval. Capital punishment and solitary confinement have there pros and there cons and are both most certainly cruel but somewhat efficient way to stop crime being ways to show justice but not being the best way to show