Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing

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Standardized Tests
Is standardized testing, improving the world’s education? SBAC is one of many standardized tests students need to take at the end of the year. The SBAC will give the teachers for next year what class the student should be able to do well in. That pressure on the students is more than you realize you do, because to make sure they do well to impress their parents or teachers. Standardized testing is not improving the world’s education because they are not emotionally helping kids to do well, they encourage people to cheat, and students are starting to have high levels of stress because of these tests.
Teachers cannot help you with standardized tests, but could you imagine to have an environment where you could ask your teachers
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For example, in 2011 USA Today investigation from,, it states, “... Washington DC found 1,610 suspicious anomalies in year-over-year test score gains.” This shows that in schools the teachers allow the students to cheat. Another example, of cheating from, is that “178 Atlanta public school teachers and administrators from 44 schools were found to be cheating on standardized tests according to a July 2011 state report.” This shows that you are more able to cheat on a standardized test than anything else because even teachers are cheating to even gain more money from it. The standardized test allows you to be able to cheat on them with the help of your …show more content…
From a study conducted by the US Department of Education stated, “Although testing may be stressful for some students, testing is a normal and expected way of assessing what students have learned.” This explains that there are not high levels of stress on the students for standardized tests. But on the other hand, an education researcher called Gregory J. Cizek states, “illustrating how testing... produces gripping anxiety in even the brightest students, and makes young children vomit or cry, or both.” Even though the Department of Education is a big deal, an education researcher who goes into classrooms and looks how the children do in their environment of learning, says that even the smartest students still have anxiety from the tests. Even though some research shows that children do not have stress from the tests an education researcher agrees that children have high levels of stress from these