Pros And Cons Of Stricter Gun Control Laws

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While some people think that the gun restrictions that are currently in place are acceptable, some people believe that there should stricter requirements and a longer waiting period to be able to purchase a gun.
Regarding the increase in recent school shootings Mr.Bartlestone said “Anybody who is breathing couldn’t witness these stories without your heart going out to those folks” but he also argued that there aren’t many incidents like that in relation to how many people use guns safely. Mr. Bartlestone believes that any of the new propositions suggested by politicians wouldn’t have changed the outcome of those events. He argued that most places that have stricter gun control will cause the violence to increase. He used Chicago’s crime rate as an example. He explained that Chicago has very strict gun control policies and yet in the last year the crime rate in Chicago has gone up 20% with 294 murders this year (New York Times). He
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They feel that if it is easier to access the guns, people will abuse the power and responsibility of bearing arms. “Americans have proved themselves incapable of the absolute right to own guns”. Mr. Juell A possible solution is to have a greater waiting period before being able to get the gun to “give a while to cool your head” suggested Coach Brown. It was also discussed that gun companies should be held accountable for incidents the same way that tobacco companies are responsible for health conditions. The reality of self defense was also questioned. “Assault rifles should be completely outlawed, that’s what you take into battle not into your own home” said Coach Brown. It was argued that very few people ever use guns for self defense and that usually it's by accident or intentionally misused. “I feel that even stricter background checks are needed based on the data of who is able to get a gun and how easily they are able to get weapons” Coach