Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College

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The Electoral College is a process that was created by our founding fathers in the Constitution in order to establish a compromise in the vote for presidency between Citizens and the Congress. The Electoral College is heavily criticized due to its failure to represent the majority vote along with other numerous arguments against it. Although, despite its disadvantages there are also advantages to the Electoral College, for one it intensifies minority interests. When it comes to the Electoral College I believe the disadvantages outweigh the advantages and that there should be a constitutional amendment to abolish it, this would allow for the majority vote to be accurately represented in a future presidential election. Consequences that the Electoral College has brought upon the United States of America consists of the …show more content…
The Electoral College provides candidates with an easier way to campaign, which allows them to focus on states that count for more electoral votes and put effort in their strategies in order to win those votes and ignore the states who have less representation. Due to each state having a certain amount of electoral votes, based upon the amount of members in the House of Representatives plus two for the state’s Senators it makes it simple to count the votes and makes the need for a recount irrelevant speeding up the results. The Electoral College encourages a two party system by making it difficult for minor parties to win enough popular votes in enough states to win the presidency which helps maintain the two major parties. The Electoral college is meant to represent the vote of the majority, for the electors should be voting for the candidate with the popular vote within that state, but there have been instances in which an elector chose the opposite candidate based on their own personal