Pros And Cons Of Universal Health Care

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Universal health care is all about providing a specified health care to benefit every member of the society with the aim of providing financial risk protection, improved health outcomes and improved access to health services. This type of health package does not provide cover for everything rather it can be determined by who is covered, what services can be covered, and how much of the cost is cover. Most universal health care programs all members get it paid by general tax payers. Private health care only insures that people get insurance when they pay for it and is paid by employers or individuals. Most proposals for universal health care are based on government management, which is less than favorable. If universal health care is available then we can florish as a country through reason, prosperity and strength. The old saying is you are a strong as your weakest link and that goes for every individual in the United States. Throughout the essay we will be comparing and contrasting the benefits and the weaknesses of universal health care.

Universal healthcare is the type of health care plan where every member of the society can receive health coverage irrespective of their social status, income, age, gender, race, pre-existing condition or wealth. According to the data from the National Coalition on
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Privatized health care benefits you to get treatment asap but having enough money is where people struggle at. In some cases, the private health insurance does not cover all of the health problems. When you have some health problems that are not covered by insurance you have to pay with your own money. Of course, this will be wasting your money when you get this type of problem. However, the privatized health care is commonly covering some certain health problems that may happen to the