Pros And Cons Of Utilitarian Ethics

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In this paper I will be discussing two pros and two cons of utilitarian ethics. Such as, benefits, happiness, complications, and difficulty. These four options will allow people to make up their mind on whether it is worth the hassle and the damage that it can cause to be worth it.
The first pros of utilitarianism is the benefits it can give the people and how it should be taken into consideration. To sacrifice one thing for the greater good is something that needs to be taken into consideration. While people say they oppose that position they aren’t really looking at all the good it could do. For example, if someone had the chance to bring peace and harmony to the 7 billion people of this earth but at a cost of killing a child would you not take that decision into consideration. Furthermore, people are the beneficiary of others sacrifice on a daily basis. Such as, the amount of cheap goods and services are at the cost of a child Labour at a fraction of what they would receive in America.
The second pros of utilitarianism is the happiness it can bring people whether it’s through social causes or other means. The welfare system allows people that are less fortunate than others to have a place to live and gives their children a chance to go to school. The welfare system is a similar sacrifice
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In the case of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the decision was made to save lives. However, the amount of innocent people that were hurt and killed by the bombs were at a higher rate than that of the war. In a sense it did what it was intended to do which was to put a stop on the war and end the war a lot faster but the complications it caused on children, women, and future generations of the country is still around to this day. For example, the radiation levels of the city are still at high rates which gives people cancer and affects pregnant women to the point where children are born with