Pros And Cons Of Westward Expansion

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The Westward expansion made a great impact on the history of the United States. The U.S. quadrupled in size between 1803 and 1853. The expansion included the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis, and Clark, the Indian removal act and many more. There were many pros and cons that had to do with the Westward expansion. The United States manifest destiny was to expand the country from coast to coast. The westward expansion greatly impacted the United State education on plants and animals. The U.S. learned that just because they told someone to do something didn’t mean they were going to do it.
The Louisiana Purchase greatly impacted the size of the United States. First, Spain secretly gave all of Louisiana to France. Spanish officials did not want America storing or shipping their goods in New Orleans. America was desperate so Jefferson sent James Monroe to negotiate. France offered to give all of Louisiana to America since Napoleon Bonaparte needed money. James Monroe could not pass such an offer so they bargained and bought all of Louisiana for $15 million. America now had total control of the
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Andrew Jackson wanted to remove the Indians from the east forever. The removal of the Indians would make room for settlers and speculators. Andrew Jackson wanted the Indians to find a way to be more like their neighbors so they could be more politically and socially equal. The Indian removal bill was Andrew Jackson's main goal. Once the Indian removal bill passed the Indians had 2 years to leave. After three years was up, only a few Indians had left. The rest of them were forced out of there houses with only what they had on there backs. The Indians would have never know that was going to be one of the hardest winters in the past. The Trail of tears was a total of 850 miles long. About 4,000 Cherokee Indians died of cold, hunger, and diseases on the trail of