Pros and Con E Commerce Essay

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Pros and Cons of E-Commerce

“The web is the ultimate customer empowering environment. He or She who clicks the mouse gets to decide everything. It is so easy to go elsewhere; all the competitors in the world are but a mouse click away.” Jacob Nielsen, Designing Web Usability. There are many Pros and Cons when it comes to e- commerce. The use of the internet e commerce has grown drastically in recent years. E commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services on the internet. Even though there are tangible privacy and security issues that keep people on guard, consumers face a dilemma each time they need to divulge highly personal information online, the ability to provide secure shopping transaction via the internet and
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E-business and the exchange of information and transactions may take place at any given time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and from any location in the world with Internet access. A physical location is restricted by size and limited to only those customers that can get there, while an online store has a global marketplace with customers and information seekers already waiting in line. Products can be advertised, sold and electronically paid for all online. The internet has opened the doors to many people all over the world to be able to purchase the latest product 24 hours a day and 7 day a week. The direct contract between seller and buyer means a better relationship between seller and buyer and therefore they build a relationship on the information on price comparison. E-Commerce systems can operate all day every day and every hour. Your physical storefront does not need to be open in order for customers and suppliers to be doing business with you electronically. This is the greatest way to conduct the business. An e-Commerce store that is an extension of a physical storefront is a great way to boost overall business sales and potentially increase company profits across the board. Companies who already do business from a physical location are typically unaware of how much more they could be making if only they were to expand into their Online marketplaces. Selling Online opens up many opportunities for businesses both