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For the past 20 years the private corrections industry has continued to grow. With more than 2 million Americans incarcerated in prisons in the Unites States, local governments and states cannot possibly hope to keep up with the high rates of incarceration. They must choose between overcrowding, releasing inmates, or contracting for outsourcing of inmate housing. More agencies are choosing to outsource their inmates. There are many reasons why agencies choose to outsource and I will discuss a few of them, including the many different options that companies have available to them, their quality of care, cost of housing, treatment programs, and some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of the for profit-business of corrections.
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This accreditation is highly sought and once it has been achieved must be maintained through continued audits by outside sources. ACA offers among its services correctional academies and continued training for its members. They continue to develop new types of training and continually update their accreditation standards for the changing markets and new laws. They also provide professional workshops and conferences for corrections professionals. They publish a monthly magazine entitled Corrections Today in addition to other corrections related journals and publications (
Quality assures happy customers and happy customers are usually repeat customers. Maintaining accreditation as well as continued audits by the contracting agency, ACA and the company’s audit teams will ensure a facility continues to operate with little or no difficulties. No prison runs without issues, but continued quality of care will ease customer relations and help to maintain order within a facility. When there is order there is profitability. And private is for profit.
Corrections Corporation of America ensures its facilities adhere to all 500 of the ACA standards by undergoing more than 20 audits from each facility annually. More than 75% of all CCA facilities are ACA accredited and this far exceeds the national average for state operated facilities.
Inmates continue to file frivolous lawsuits every chance they have, so addressing daily