Prosecution: Black People and Jefferson Davis County Essay

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Prosecution Imagine if you were a lower African American and you were being treated differently from he whites. Would you like that? How would that make you feel? The Logan family is a lower African American family. Their school Great Faith elementary school, is being treated like a dump while the all white school Jefferson Davis county school was being treated like loyalty. Great Faith has no school buses while Jefferson Davis county school has 3. We all pay our taxes, why shouldn’t Great Faith have at least one school bus? A school bus could protect the students from any harm outside of school. One day when the Logan chirliden were at school they found out that they were getting new books! The Logan children were so excited they were getting new books for the first time in a while. Once the children received the books they were stunned. Turns out that the books were 10 years old and from the local all-white school. The property page was covered up with a new one and the old property page said nigro very poor and white excellent and wealthy. All schools should have an equal amount of education and be treated the same. If your children were in a similar situation as Cassie, Stacy, and Little Man, wouldn't you want to take action in this crisis? I know I would be furious if I were a mother. I would want a better education for my kids. that is why we are here today. we want to stop this out sense and make a better life for our children. they shouldn't have to suffer the pain, their only kids.